Sexual Health Service

New Young People’s Walk In Service From the 4 April anyone under 21 will be able to access this service for any aspect of sexual health or contraceptive care. This will be held on a walk in, first-come, first-served basis so you’ll just need to turn up to the clinic of your choice. Walk Ins will start half an hour before the start time and the last walk in will need to arrive 45 minutes before the end of the clinic. Days, times, locations are: Northampton General Hospital – Wednesday, 3-5pm Ashwood Centre, Saint Mary’s Hospital – Thursday, 3-5pm Northamptonshire Integrated Sexual Health Service (NISH) offers the following services: testing for sexually transmitted infections outpatient care for blood-borne virus infection including HIV(Summers Unit) all methods of contraception with ongoing management of complex contraceptive needs treatment for genital skin/pain conditions outreach services.

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